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FM Base | FM21 Real Names License Fix by Darkness V5.0 – 21.2

FM Base | FM21 Real Names License Fix by Darkness V5 20/12/2020

The most comprehensive Real Name Fix for Football Manager returns for Football Manager 2021 Under my username “Darkness”, I have been releasing regular updates and various database-related files since 2009. My longevity has contributed to the way I work. You’ll find that my files are of a very high quality.

Download my real name fix for FM21. There’s no doubting that you’ll love it.

Make sure you re-install this Real Name Fix every time Football Manager gets patched/updated.


  1. Find the 2111 folder.
    \Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Football Manager 2021\data\database\db\2111\
    \Program Files\Epic Games\FootballManager2021\data\database\db\2111\
    /Users/[username]/Library/Application Support/Steam/steamapps/common/Football Manager 2021/database/data/db/2111/
    /Users/Shared/Epic Games/FootballManager2021/database/data/db/2111/
  2. Open the lnc folder and then enter the all sub-folder.
  3. Delete all files you can find in there, particularly the following 3 files:
    • fake.lnc
    • lic_dan_swe_fra.lnc
    • nleague.lnc
  4. Move FM Base | FM21 Real Name Fix by Darkness (LNC) inside this all folder.
  5. Go 2 folders back to find the edt folder.
    Open it and then enter the permanent sub-folder.
  6. Delete the file “fake.edt”.
    This will fix Niko Kovač from getting renamed to Max Freund, Oliver Kahn from getting renamed to Jens Freund,.
  7. Again go 2 folders back, this time to find the dbc folder.
    Delete the following files (This will fix Juventus):

    • zebra award.dbc
    • zebra turin fake staff new.dbc
  8. Now enter the permanent sub-folder.
    • brazil_kits.dbc
    • forbidden names.dbc
    • Licensing2.dbc
    • Licensing2_chn.dbc
    • This will prevent Brazilian clubs from reverting to 3-letter names and will allow certain kits to be visible again.