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USA Lower Leagues Extension

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USA Lower Leagues Extension


USL Championship
– 4 divisions (28 games total with teams playing against other divisions – some divisions)
– 2 conference (grouped based in division games)
– top 10 teams qualify for the conference finals
– Regular Season (league with all teams, games from divisions)
– League Cup (2 teams – winner of each conference)

USL League One
– League (12 teams)
– League Cup (top 6 teams from the league)

USL League Two
– 12 divisions (14 rounds each one)
– 4 conferences (3 divisions per conference)
– 4 teams (winner of each division and the best 2nd of conference)
– League Cup (4 teams – each conference winner)

– 2 tournaments, Fall and Spring, both with 2 groups of 5 and final cup to qualify the winner to the global final
– Final Cup (2 teams – each tournament winner)

– 24 conferences divided by 4 regions
– Each conference wnner get automatic bid for region finals + best region qualifiers to create the remaining for 12 teams
– Each region winner goes to college cup

Database Additions:
– All missing divisions
– Missing teams this year present in League Two
– All Teams and competitions for NCAA